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'Shankar I' - 'Spectacular, Amazing But With Weak Story Line'  Verdict: ***1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Shankar I' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Shankar movie, expectations reached above the sky, social media hype escalated it to a new height then we can easily predict the abundant risk director has to face to entertain this uphill task. It has everything, magnificent stunts, vibrant sets, exciting locations, spirited performances, dazzling animations yet you need some interesting plot to accelerate the movie. Very thin story line spoils the progress of the movie which is stretched to a three hour long flick.

Sure it is a brave attempt, outstanding performance by Vikram in this visual bonanza but it certainly lacks the regular ingredients of regular Shankar stuff. Indian audience are not usually accustomed to a subject with viral deceases with ugly and horrendous looking patients. In fact Shankar got us addicted to a lavish, larger than life extraordinary entertaining flicks but when you present some unexpected horrific personalities then it is touch to digest by the normal audience.

It is certainly a good movie but did not justify the hype and super expectations. Particularly few scenes and some chilling stunts are mind blowing yet in few scenes you feel little exhausted. every frame and every scene revolve around main protagonist Vikram, it is out and out Vikram's film.

If we get into story, Vikram is an obsessed body builder and gym instructor who has a life dream to become Mr.India and pumping hard to win the competitions.He has enormous adoration for a female model Amy Jackson and her die-hard fan.Amy faces problems from male star model Upen Patel who is after Amy to satisfy his lusty desire.

Since Amy rejects his desire he get her lost all her modelling projects. With the help of Amy's family doctor and well wisher of their family Suresh Gopi takes her to Vikram to act in her ad film. Here both fall in love but Vikram gets most dreadful decease and becomes awful ugly. So he sacrifices Amy so that she can be happy with some other guy but things do happen in unpredictable way. Later he comes to know this is not the decease but someone injects the virus 'I' into his body which literally made him like this.

How Vikram takes the revenge on those people and gets back his love is the rest of the story.

Truly superlative performance by Vikram. His hard work and commitment can be visible in every frame. Amy Jackson is exceptionally beautiful and perfectly suits in that female model role. Suresh Gopi has surprise role in this new avatar. Upen Patel is good and Santanam excels in comedy as Vikram's friend.

A.R.Rahman back ground music is awesome and brilliant.His numbers are already chart-busters. After a long time P.C.Sreeram showed his mastery and excellence in capturing every frame.

Maverick director Shankar once again proved his formidable command in all 24 crafts in film making. The biggest drawback of the film is thin plot and predictable scenes. Had he taken much interest in script certainly this could have been one more blockbuster.

Overall it is a good film and sure one time watch but it may not appeal to every section of the audience. It may not get repeat audience too. Sure watch it once for Vikram's performance and Shankar's directorial skills.


Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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