'Oka Manasu' - Movie Review - 'Decent And Poetic Love Story But Too Much Slow Narration' - (***) - (3/5)

This is obviously eagerly awaiting film for Mega fans as well as many movie lovers and film industry. Certainly for two reasons as already popular and talented Nihariks's dream debut and the director Rama Raju Gottimukkala who has already proven his stuff with his decent debut 'Mallela Theeramulo Sirimalle Puvvu'.

It is rare dilemma for this movie to judge and express your view point. Firstly it is a decent, neat, clean and poetic love story. It has melodious and sweet music which will remind you of those beautiful 80's Ilayaraja kind of music notes and back ground score. It has memorable performances from main protagonists. It has meaningful and nice dialogues. Having all these super qualities the slow narration and some times truly testing the patience of the audience with no commercial elements and entertainment.

The big draw back of the film is the director's brutal honesty. He painted the movie as a poetic colourful painting without compromising a single moment. Perhaps he forgot the fact that in the past this kind of films fared well at box-office only those movies have romantic entertaining scenes until the movie's serious emotional points to begin. The strength of most of love stories is the soft comedy in the initial parts. Too much honesty and realistic portrayal is good but when the dose goes beyond it will automatically begins to look like a art movie.

As this movie is more into news because of Niharika then obviously her acting and talent must be scrutinised in micro level. Well she has delivered a fantastic and memorable performance. What surprises more is quite contrary. She is popular for her naughty and electrifying and energetic performances, be it in her TV shows or her much popular web series 'Muddapappu Avakaya'. Surprisingly her role in this film is very cool, soft and composed with so much innocence. Whatever she is brilliant and amazingly cute and lovable. Irrespective of the fate of the film at box-office but she has bright future ahead.

Naga Shourya too has dream role. Until now he played all chocolate lover boy roles but first time got an opportunity to elevate his macho, intense and emotional side. He is perfectly amazing in this role and he has done full justice to this dream role. He is handsome, rough in few scenes and well balanced in emotional scenes too. The chemistry between him and Niharika is outstanding. Both look amazingly perfect and made for each other couple. Their sizzling chemistry provided perfection to this love story.

If we get into story, Niharika is a medical student living with her single mother Pragathi and sister. In the town Vijaya Nagaram Naga Shourya is an aspiring politician and the son of a small level happening politician Rao Ramesh. Naga Shourya does many settlements which will provide him money as well as some political status.

Niharika falls in love with Naga Shourya and simultaneously he too does. Their honest and philanthropic love goes to another level where both can not leave one another not for single moment. The political rivalry and the danger element in the settlement matters will leave Niharika in lot of apprehension. She is scared of Naga Shourya's life and consequently their future.

Unfortunately one dangerous settlement with a close relative of Home Minister puts Naga Shourya's life into serious police case and puts his life into more vulnerable situation. This will change their life and the entire plans. What will happen to their relationship and the surprising ending you have to see on the screen only.

A well made effort from the director but this kind of slow and emotional movie will not appeal to majority of the audience, particularly the mega fans. They will sure get disappointed with this flick. If we admire soft and poetic touch emotional drama then sure you will love this film. It has nice performances and sweet and melodious music of Sunil Kashyap. Ultimately it is your choice to see or avoid this clean and neat love story.

- Parvez Chowdhary