'O Kadhal Kanmani' - Prolific Director Mani Ratnam's Plentiful Romantic Entertainer (***1/2 )

Legendary visualizer Mani Ratnam has been out of sink with contemporary youth after 'Alai Payuthey'. His recent flicks could not impress even multiplex oriented film journos too for it's uninteresting content. Perhaps this maverick director understood the error and came out with a bang and a super connecting contemporary stuff which can directly go into the hearts of urban youth. What a come back stuff. amazing and outstanding.

Instead of taking regular popular Tamil stars, preferring Malayalam young superstar Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon is a deliberate attempt to present it in super fresh packaging. That too this Dulquer-Nithya combo gave stupendous successful films in Malayalam and their chemistry is eccentric. In fact when you have such an awesome lead protagonists then thinks become much easier to present a tremendous fair-tale. Perhaps Mani Ratnam has strong convictions this time and he proved it in every frame.

More interesting part is non-other than A.R.Rahman. He always gives his best to Mani. His phenomenal background score takes you into an poetic magic world. This all happens when you have South Indian legendary cinematographer P.C.Sreeram who almost captured every beautiful stuff on canvas.

What an amazing combo of three legends Mani Ratnam, A.R.Rahman and P.C.Sreeram entire south India should be proud of these immense talented guys.

Mani has been brilliant in showing conversation between hero and heroin in very unusual style of body lingo and mannerism. After a long time those who loved this in Mouna Ragam and Agni Nakshatram you can have those blinking moments once again.

If we get into story, Dulquer is a Software Engineer who is expert in computer game programming. Nithya Menon is an Architect. Both have common attitudes and views that marriage institution is a messed up stuff and it is exclusively for fools only.

Both fall in love and want to lead live-in relationship without any constraint and obligation in life. Both live as paying guest in Prakash Raj house who has a alzheimer's deceased wife Leela Samson whom he takes care well in most adorable way.

How things change in their lives and their opinions. What makes them to feel so much emotional and intimate for each other and how it ends as a happy fairy-tale you have to see on screen only.

In fact it is difficult to describe a visual and poetic presentation in simple words. In fact what works well in this flick is the selection of actors to technicians is exceptionally phenomenal.

Dulquer Salman's debut in Tamil is perfect. He has lovely body language and great ease in every scene. Nithya Menon is immensely adorable and their chemistry is sizzling in every frame. Prakash Raj and Leela Samson both almost immortalize their roles.

It is a cool and refreshing contemporary love flick. It is a perfect movie for all young lovers in this summer. If you are Mani Ratnam's fan then sure watch it you will admire him more.

- Parvez Chowdhary