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'Lingaa' - 'Slow Narration And Over Sentiment Harm Fans Spirit'  Verdict: **1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Lingaa' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Nothing can match when it comes to Rajinikanth's fan adulation particularly in South. It almost reached to a level even sycophancy go flat and look minuscule. Consequently it became a difficult task to any director to live up to the expectations of his fans. Only director Shankar made it possible with Rajinikanth couple of times. Even director K.S.Ravikumar had block buster like Padayappa in the past but things are different now. Director overlooked the contemporary youth. He misjudged the present iPhone generation. Time and things moved pretty fast since Padayappa but K.S.Ravikumar did't travel in the same velocity.

Obviously Rajini fans expect mind-boggling entertainment with his most familiar histrionics but director did not accommodate those synonyms of Rajini style. Bluntly saying he totally disappointed with the script which is never meant for Rajini's image. How could he presume the subject which is very similar to early 90's that too with slow narration and over dose of sentiment can satisfy a hardcore Rajini fan at any level? This is an unforgivable and hazardous blunder for any director. Fans wait years together to see Rajini's film and enjoy every moment through out the flick but how can you bestow them with a preachy, dragging and unexciting stuff.

There is not a single scene which can entertain a hardcore Rajini fan and the central plot of the flick never match to Rajinikanth. Certainly there is a good message but everyone expect entertainment in Rajini's film. Very predictable scenes, comedy is completely out dated, bad climax, there is nothing to even boast about any scene. surprisingly A.R.Rahman music is not upto his standard. The only consolation things in this flick, beautiful art direction and colorful costume designing.

If we get into the story, bad politician and MP, Jagapathy Babu has some evil desires to demolish the Dam which was built by Raja Lingeswaran (Rajinikanth). So that he can get the contract to build a new Dam which can cost thousands of crores. In this effort he kills the engineer who does not oblige his wishes. Before dying engineer asks K.Vishwanath to open the Lord Shiva Temple's door which was locked 70 years ago.

Vishwanath asks villagers to bring back Raja Lingeswaran's grandson who should open the door which was then king's last wish. Now Vishwanath's grand daughter Anushka will bring Lingaa who happens to lead a life of a petty thief. Lingaa comes to that Village and wants to steal the the costliest Shiva Ling but could not succeed. Meanwhile Vishwanath reveals the secret past of his grand father Raja Lingeswaran.

Raja Lingeswaran being a district collector of then British Rule but resigns the job only to construct a dam in that village which is highly essential for the villagers as many of farmers were committing suicide. Cunning Britishers make all the efforts to spoil the spirit of Raja Lingeswaran who is getting built the Dam with his own money. In this trap by Britishers, Raja Lingeswaran loses all his property yet he sacrifices everything for the people.

After 70 years again Jagapathy Babu plans to destroy the Dam but how Lingaa will spoil his attempts is the rest of the story. Very weak plot, nothing much to discuss about this out dated and uninteresting plot.

Rajinikanth is as usual ever green and outstanding with this punch dialogues. Anushka is cute and adorable. Sonakshi Sinha is also cute and bubbly. She perfectly suited per her village belle role. Jagapathy Babu is OK in his anti-protagonist role. Santanam is truly a big relief in his brief cameo. There is nothing much to tell about other cast.

Music of A.R.Rahman is a sure big let down. Camera of Ratnavelu is average. Good production valus but that can not save a movie with uninteresting story.

If you do't mind with Rajinikant's image, if you love a film with over sentiment with slow narration then you may like this film. If you expect a super entertainer from a superstar Rajinikanth then it may not appeal to you. Choice is yours.

Verdict : **1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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