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'Laukyam' - 'Routine comedy entertainer'   Verdict: ***

By Parvez Chowdhary

  'Laukyam' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

There is strange problem in Telugu film industry, the contemporary script writers are suffering from a serious creative poverty. No innovative ideas, no creative inputs, no novelty in handling mediocre subjects. Due to this lack of creativity, they are churning out the already used scripts and comedy scenes with no new ingredients. This recycling business reminds us as if we are watching TV show with collection of hit comedy scenes. Industry should wake up, this is emergency, other wise people may complete lose faith in movies and stop coming to cinema halls.

Kona Venkat and Gopimohan, good screenplay writers but this can't be licence to accept their plagiarism. Incidentally every scene in this movie reminds you of some other movie. This is a blatant mistake and unpardonable intellectual crime. If directors and writers think they can get along with any medicare subject with some idiotic comedy track then nobody can save Telugu industry. This is a savage attack on innocent and always optimistic Telugu audience.

Director Sriwass and Gopichand previously gave a hit film 'Lakshyam'. This time they tried to make an full entertainer with less blood and massacres. Indeed their intention is good but you need much more interesting story which can be supported by comedy track. Gopichand did his role with great conviction and of course with perfect command and admirable body language. Female protagonist Rakul Preet Singh is damn beautiful and does her portion well. All the actors do the justice to their roles but the inefficient script is a true spoiler.

If we get into the story, Babji is a powerful goon in Warangal, Gopichand will take her away from the marriage hall to get her married with her lover. This irritates Babji and he desperately searches for his to take revenge. Meanwhile Gopichand happens to see Rakul Preet Singh in Hyderabad and woos her and at last both fall in love. Here is a twist she too happens to be the second sister of Babji. His rival Mukesh Rishi will be planning to kill Rakul.

Now Gopichand plays typical Telugu film tricks and brings Babji's entire family to his house and how he changes Babji's mind and gets married Rakul is the rest of the story.

Gopichand is perfectly apt to his character, he did his best. Rakul is cute and sweet. Bramhanandam is as usual, funny and humorous but we have already seen his like this million times. Hamsa Nandhini is hot and sexy. Rest of cast too did some fair job.

Anoop Rubens music is below average and repetitive. Vetri cinematography is good and presented in colorful way.

As far as movie is concerned, it is not a bad film and it is not a good film either. Second of comedy reminds us watching 'Ready' and 'Denikaina Ready'. Predictable scenes, already used comedy track. Do't expect much, It is one time watch if you do't have any other film to watch.

Verdict : ***
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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