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'Jil' - 'Good Mix Of Romance And action Nice Performance By Gopichand'  Verdict: ***

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Jil' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Full fledged action hero like Gopichand gave one more fabulous performance in this flick. He is the main USP of of this film. The mixer of angry young man character with soft romantic lover boy image he fully justified with immense ease and conviction. Normally in South Indian cinema hero if he can manage romantic sensibility with rough and rugged action image then easily he will get millions of fans. Perhaps it is not exaggerated if we say Gopichand maintained that perfect balance.

The debutant director RadhaKrishna showd lot of promising talent in every frame of the flick. He has fine taste and handled brilliantly the romantic scenes and comedy scenes between Gopinchand and stunning beauty Rashi Khanna. Certainly not like the routine Telugu stuff you do feel novelty and very much contemporary touch which will perfectly be identified by present WiFi youth.

The only draw back of the flick is wafer thin plot. Frankly speaking the central plot has nothing to be noticed. The mafia don is chasing after his associate who deceived and ran away with money and accidentally meeting main protagonist and mafia head is going after him did not sink well with main story.

If we discuss the story, nothing much to write. Gopichand is dynamic and adventurous a fire officer. He has a lovely and happy family. One fine day he happens to save Rashi Khanna who tries to commit suicide to threaten his father. Love at first site. Meanwhile the mafia man Nayak is after his associate for money.

Once Gopichand protects this guy from that mafia gang which leads to misunderstanding and mafia gang chase hero and kill his friends and uncle.

How Gopichand rescues his people and finshes the Mafia don is the rest of very much predictable story.

First half of the film is quite adorable with sweet comedy scenes between Gopichand and Rashi Khanna. Even Posani provided little humour too. Certainly Tollywood got one more bubbly milky beauty Rashi Khanna, She has everything to sizzle the Telugu youth, very promising future ahead.

Second half is little dragging with all routine predictable scenes. Yet great chemistry between lead pair and unusual music numbers of Mohamaad Ghibran will truly manage to over come all the loop holes and dull moments of the flick.

Whatever with the main plot but we can sure watch this movie for amazing chemistry and nice romantic scenes of lead pair. This new director has lot of talent and taste if he comes across with good script he has everything to reach top position.

Do't go with lot of expectations but do watch then sure you may like this. Cool entertainer. Paisa Vasool.

Verdict : ***
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