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'Govindudu Andarivadele' -'Pleasant And Sensible Family Entertainer'  Verdict: ***1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Govindudu Andarivadele' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Ram Charan successful career is at it's peak and Krishna Vamsi who redefined Telugu cinema with his classic and romantic touch in his family oriented flicks, when this duo joined together then expectations and hype naturally goes beyond imaginations. If we keep aside the hype, certainly Krshna Vamsi really made a brilliant film, almost lived up to expectations. The only drawback through out the film is quiet often it reminds us movies of late 80s. He should have taken extra effort to look more contemporary to suit present generation. Of course family emotions and attachments have no generational barriers and it should remain same for next generations too.

Presenting every frame with beautiful colours along with melodious back ground score is essential forte of director Krishna Vamsi. Luckily after all these years he still did not lose this art and looked quite refreshing. Too much romance between Kajal and Ram, sometimes went over the board but their chemistry is phenomenal. In fact national award winner and hardcore feminist like Krishna Vamsi using the context of Rape is offensive and completely objectionable. Srikanth says to Kamilini Mukharjee "If I rape you then father will get us married" is obnoxious and abhorrent.

Many characters, rich presentation of our rural traditions and honest innocence as well as great family attachments all these factors works completely positive for this movie. Krishna Vamsi could have taken more precautions on villains and their entire track to balance it more aptly to match with the flow.

If we get into main story. Doctor(Rahman) is a successful doctor in US who has son (Ram Charan) and a younger sister. Rahman reveals his guilty past to Ram Charan that he cheated on his father(Prakash Raj) who happens to be the most respected man in their village. Prakash Raj always thinks about the welfare of the villagers so he wanted to start a hospital but Rahman falls in love with a NRI girl and wants to settle in US. Agitated father asks him to not to return forever.

To bring back the father to his village and unite the family Ram Charan comes to India and enters into Prakash Raj house as a stranger who wants to learn agriculture. Ram will become very close to Prakash Raj and entire family and he easily solves most of their problems. How he gets his father into this family is rest of the story.

Ram Charan excelled in his much adorable role, he is exceptionally brilliant in every scene. Prakash Raj is perfect. Kajal is absolutely delightful. Srikant's comedy timing is amazing, perhaps the best in his career. Jayasudha is as usual outstanding. Of course each and every actor acted perfectly good.

Yuvan Shankar Raja music is sweat and melodious. His back ground score elevates every emotional scene to a different level. Sameer Reddy camera is pleasant and amusing.

Over all it is a must watch film with entire family. This movie stands special in Ram Charan's career like his father Chiranjeevi's film 'Vijetha'. Truly winner for the festival season. Go and enjoy.

Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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