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'Geethanjali' - 'Total Laugh-Riot And Full-Fledged Entertainer'   Verdict: ***

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Geethanjali' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Nothing works like comedy in Indian cinema irrespective of vernacular barriers. Of course in Tollywood it is proved consistently. Perhaps this is the reason very successful film writer Kona Venkat has banked his hopes on same subject. Yes, it worked once again.It is a funny script mixed with slight horror quotient and talented actors who honestly made this flick into a super entertainer with their impeccable performances.

The gorgeous beauty Anjali does mesmerise everyone with her stunning looks and exceptional acting abilities. Obviously she is the main USP for this movie. Srinivasa Reddy and Rao Ramesh are quiet impressive but none other than Bramhanandam once again attacks with his routine best. It is universal fact that comedy with moderate horror does wonders at box-office.

If we discuss briefly about story, it is very much predictable stuff yet it tickles your bones and gives you refresh feeling whenever you see it. Srinivasa Reddy is a wanna be film director who comes to Hyderabad to make true his Tollywood dreams. with his software friend he is about to share a flat in minimum budget which leads to meet a house broker. Here broker takes the advantage and get them into a haunted flat by hiding the awesome truth.

Srinivasa Reddy tries his best to meet producer Dil Raju to tell him the story to seek a chance into Tollywood. Two more strugglers who happen to be the same like Srinivasa Reddy to test their fortune in film industry. They take advantage of Srinivasa Reddy's indecency and get introduce themselves as creative team of Dil Raju and get into his flat and exploit him to get their food and other expenditures. Many hilarious incidents take place in that flat. The so called soul or devil whatever you name that comes and interacts with them. Meanwhile Anjali travels in the same bus in which Srinivasa Reddy gets on. They become fast friends and later again she visits that flat as a friend of previous tenants.

Later apartment watchman reveals the secret that Anjali died 3 months before. Here starts the fun and uncontrollable joy-ride. Here a twist that Srinivasa Reddy meets the rich software business tycoon Rao Ramesh who has the same dream to produce a award winning film.He tells his the story which he has already experienced in that haunted flat. Rao Ramesh likes this story and again may twists in the story. to unfold the secrets and the connection between Anjali and other characters you have to see on screen only.

Anjali and entire the rest of actors did splendid job. Debut director Raaj Kiran does good to present film in colourful way without losing the tempo. Praveen Lakkaraju music is above average. Sai Sri Ram camera is adequate.

Over all it is full paisa vasool movie. It makes you laugh irrespective of any age group and every section of the people. Go and enjoy the comedy.

Verdict : ***
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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