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'Chinnadana Nee Kosam' - 'Again Nithiin Proved His Romantic Image'  Verdict: ***1/2

By Parvez Chowdhary
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  'Chinnadana Nee Kosam' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Director A.Karunakaran is one of rare creative talented director among contemporary Tollywood directors. He gave stunning hit film like Tholiprema which provided real boost to Pawan Kalyan in his initial career days and made him a star. Karunakaran has an unique style particularly while making love stories. Nithiin is almost enjoying his career with back to back super hit movies exclusively with romantic love entertainers. Quite obvious when these two get together for a film then expectations can reach at sky high level.

Once again Karunakaran came with good script and screenplay and presented it on screen in a pleasant manner. Love, drama, comedy and manageable sentiments all these ingredients he cooked in proper proportion. Nithiin is perfectly apt in this lover boy role as he almost attained mastery in it. The new girl Mishti looks quite fresh and adorable. The chemistry between her and Nithiin is ok but the bonding between Nassar and Nithiin is amazingly funny and outstanding.

If we get into story Nithiin has a lovely mom (Sitara) and dad (Naresh) with little brother and smart sister. One fine morning a beautiful girl (Mishti) comes into his life. He tries his best to impress her. Nasser happened to witness the way Nithiin rescues a girl when few thugs try to molest her. Nasser admires the way Nithiin preaches the public and becomes his fan.

In fact Mishti wants to get Nasser's pent house for rent but Nithiin helps her to get it with his closeness with Nasser to become more close to Mishti. Meanwhile Nithiin's family develops more attachment with Mishti but all of sudden she leaves India without informing Nithiin as she is NRI and she came to India as Nasser is her grand father who is living away of his daughter as she gets married a man against his wishes. So Mishti was on mission to bring back her grandpa and get him and and her mother united.

Now Nithiin goes to her and what he does there and how he wins Mishti is the rest of the story which you have to see on screen only.

Nithiin has so much ease performing this kind of romantic comedies but his Pawan Kalyan's bhajan going over the board and beyond limits. How much benefit he will get out of this we do't know but audience will like movie if it is good not because of his bhajan. He should understand this. Mishti looks gorgeous and but she has to learn acting to stay long in this industry. Nasser is at his best. Rest of cast is ok.

As far as technical side is concerned Anoop Rubens music is a big asset to this flick. Few numbers are already became chartbusters. Camera of I. Andrew is truly visual treat who presented every location beautifully.

As far as this movie is concerned is not very great film but sure one times watch. You will enjoy the pace of the film with good performances of lead actors. Since four months particularly in Tollywood except 'Karthikeya' every film disappointed miserably. In that context it is sure a better film. So go and enjoy it. Paisa Vasool.

Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez chowdhary

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