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'Bullet Raja' - 'Spectacular Scenes But Unimaginative Story Telling'

Parvez Chowdhary             ***

  'Bullet Raja' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Contemporary Bollywood cinema has brilliant talented directors like Anurag Kashyap and Tigmanshu Dhulia. These guys re-defined Indian cinema. They gave new dimensions to crime with social and political touch. Most of their subjects based on UP and Bihar background with raw and dark naturality. Specially after watching Tigmanshu Dhulia's Haasil, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster and outstanding Paan Singh Tomar, forget about general audience, film critics like me are very eager to see his every flick.

Perhaps this is Tigmanshu Dhulia's impeccable commercial film among all his previous flicks consists of all ingredients which needed to be a perfect Bollywood entertainer. The beauty of the director is while delivering a entertaining action flick he did not miss his usual touch of UP politics and rude, violent and ruthless Bahubali culture. In many scenes we can witness his mark. Specially the scene where Saif kills a top business man on the busy Lucknow roads and dangerous cop Vidyut eliminating Chambal dacoits in dusty ghats.

Presenting a star hero like Saif who is more popular for his comedy romantic stuff, in a role of typical UP Brahmin Bahubali is tremendous. Director knows the the hidden energy of Saif and he exploited them very convincingly. His accent, his colourful costumes and specially the rugged body language. Jimmy Shergil gave a memorable performance which hugely helped first half for smooth run of the movie. In second half Vidyut Jamwal delivered a robust performance which accelerates the movie at it's best. Sonakshi Sinha looks fresh and cute in her bengali role as female lead to Saif and brought some glamour to this political action thriller.

Let us get into story now. Unemployed chap Raja Misra (Saif Ali Khan), while being chased away gets into a baraat as un-invited guest and become close to Rudra Singh ( Jimmy Shergil). They become instant friends there but unexpected attack by rival gang with the help of his own family member Tiwari(Chunky Pandey), Raja ferociously fights and saves the family. Things becomes worse as this puts both Raja and Rudra into deep trouble as rival gang completely target to eliminate them.

Reluctant Raja and Rudra have to get into take violent path as things drive them to push into this blood game of UP violent political scenario. The senior Minister Ram Babu Shukla (Raj Babbar) finds the potential energy of this duo and use them to eliminate his political rivals and this makes Raja and Rudra to become most powerful Bahubalis in UP. Things go well until rich marwari businessman Bajaj ( Gulshan Grover) insults this duo. To teach lesson Raja and Rudra kidnaps him, while kidnapping his they meet Mithali(Sonakshi Sinha) who is a bengali girl comes from Kolkata to become a film actress in Mumbai. She falls in love with Raja. Meanwhile Bajaj takes revenge of his humiliation by Raja and Rudra, with the help of Sumer Yadav(Ravi Kishan), the sharp shooter and gangster.

What will happen to Raja and Rudra and how Raja handles the dirty politicians and their devilish plans we have to see on screen only.

In fact Dhulia's power packed dialogues provide real oxygen to enhance most of the scenes. Story and Screenplay he shared with Amaresh Misra who is a most controversial person on twitter. He is famous for his hard hitting tweets against communal politics. Perhaps it is his idea, in a particular scene Jimmy asks a marathi man about Jhansi ki Rani, Lakshmi bai is a marathi and she was born in Varanasi and Marathis live peacefully with good harmony in UP.

It is a well presented political action thriller with some amazing stunts particularly the stunt between Saif and Vidyut, well choreographed. Music of Sajid-Wajid is above average.

Over all it is a good entertainer with all potential ingredients. If you love UP based political drama then it is a must watch. I recommend for sure one time watch entertainer.

Verdict : ***1/2
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