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'Ragini MMS 2' - ' Few Thrilling scenes And Erotic Sunny Leone '

Parvez Chowdhary             **1/2
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  'Ragini MMS 2' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Director Bhushan Patel created this story only to bank on the international image of Sunny Leone particularly from porn industry and of course for her stunning and killing looks. Nothing wrong in it but certainly this is a brilliant idea to mix horror and thrilling quotient to make it more interesting. Sure this pays off when sex goddess Sunny Leone is playing protagonist and carrying on entire film on her shoulder( I mean on her entire body rather).

Surprising element in this flick is presenting Sunny Leone in different avatar. She really proved herself in this film, undoubtedly she is wonderful actress. She has enough potential to become a good mainstream film actress. It is great injustice to her if we look only at her flesh rather than her acting capabilities. If any director comes out with good script sure she can become threat o many current reigning Bollywood heroins.

It's simple plot but what works positively for this flick, in moderate budget, particularly TV actors like Sandhya Mridul and Karan acted convincingly and of course talented Divya Dutta. Nice actor like Pravin Dabas did very loud and little irritating sometimes perhaps was asked to do by director as his character insisted him to do so. Over all actors did some good performances which made this film watchable.

As usual routine plot in almost all super natural horror films, Popular director Rocks(Pravin Dabas) wanted to make a film on Ragini who happens to be in mental asylum. So director selects porn star Sunny Leone to play Ragini and prefers to shoot entire film in remote bungalow which is vastly popular as haunted. to understand her role Sunny meets Ragini in asylum and she tries to attack her.

Entire film crew and actors along with director reach that haunted bungalow and start shooting there but strange things do happen. Meanwhile psychiatrist(Divya Dutta) working on paranormal cases, will be handling this puzzling case and she finds some break through in it.

Here in shooting location Sunny Leone becomes more close to writer Satya(Saahil Prem) as he is the only good man as all other men show some lusty attempts to reach Sunny. So our true man Satya protects Sunny Leone and finds out the mystery as Ragini's mom gives him some tips about that haunted soul.

Well here our international popular psychiatrist instead of trusting science and medical solutions she chants some mantras which can kick away all bad souls and spirits(This happens in Hollywood films too there they chant bible verses). As usual routine ending, ultimately our psychiatrist chases away the haunting soul with special mantras.

Over all it is simple and thrilling flick as hardly has any horror scenes which can scare you. One thing is sure, youth will watch this film for hot sexy Sunny Leone but they never get disappointed, she is awesome, sultry and provokes you enormously. Here it self full paisa vasool.

Do't expect scary and horror scenes, not many but few good thrilling scenes are there. Over all it is not boring, sure one time watch. Nothing you are going to lose when Sunny Leone is tempting and teasing you.

Verdict : ***1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez Chowdhary

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