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'Madras Cafe' - 'Shoojit Sircar Took Indian Cinema To Different Level'

Parvez Chowdhary             ****
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  'Madras Cafe' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

In fact this movie has been in news for variety of reasons. Quite obvious it is nothing but political as nation is marching towards election year as every political party is trying it's best fishing in troubled waters. Political jingoism and chauvinistic propaganda is almost at it's peak in present Indian political scenario this film could be very much an easy target to these sections.

When a director dealing with a sensitive political subject he should be very careful as it is extremely prone to face the wrath from various sections. undoubtedly it is a wonderful subject but the courage of the director should be commended for presenting this into fully commercial format. Truly Shoojit's selection of subjects are always outstanding. First it was 'Yahaan'(Kashmir Subject), later 'Vicky Donor'(sperm based) and both were much appreciated by critics as well as public.

Of course this subject based on Sri Lankan Tamils and their struggle for existence but central theme will be around Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination conspiracy. There are different versions on Tamil Eelam's problem and the way Indian state handled the crisis. So many stories are still evolving around LTTE and our late Prime minister's death but weaving a story on the basis of these enormous puzzling news version and presenting it as a political thriller, sure an uphill task and a true challenge to any director and to his creative abilities.

What a brilliant script, what a perfect execution and I have no hesitation to say it is a lethal combination of script, direction and super performances. You really need guts to show the late LTTE Chief's positive and negative shades without crossing the line and of course without hurting the sentiments of Tamils. Separatist movements always insist us to ponder the various angles. Justifying killings and sacrificing innocent lives is always debatable and it is impossible to make any conclusion.

Let me tell the story in brief. Vikram Singh (John Abraham) is an Indian Army special officer who is appointed by the intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing to conduct covert operations in Sri Lanka shortly after Indian Peace Keeping Force was forced to withdraw. As he journeys to Sri Lanka, with the intention of disrupting a rebel group, he discovers the larger issue. There he meets a British journalist (Jaya) who wants to reveal the truth about the civil war, and in the process he uncovers a conspiracy.

In fact this film should be watched on screen rather narrating the script here so I feel not to reveal much of it. As far as performances are concerned John Abraham's best ever in his career. His tall athletic body and his tremendous body language perfectly suit his character. His expressive eyes thoroughly portrayed the sheer vulnerability. Nargis Fakhri, one of the most beautiful actress in present Bollywood league, luckily got this dream role where she has much scope to exploit her acting talent which she justified with her elegant looks and efforts. She is awesome. Model turned actress, Rashi Khanna looks very pretty and did her role quite comfortably.

The great discovery in this film is nothing but Siddhartha Basu, legendary Indian television producer-director, he excelled in his role with his amazing performance and he will sure shock us with his acting talent as if he is doing this since decades. Media guys Piyush Pandey and Dibang did small cameos.

Shantanu Moitra, music and back ground score do accelerate the emotions and the seriousness of the scenes. Kamaljeet Negi's camera work should be appreciated the way he captured the beauty of the Island. Over all it is completely director's Movie. Shoojit Sircar excelled at his best with brilliant excecution.

If you love Political Thrillers then this is a perfect movie to watch. You will be amazed by the pace of the film. If you are in political journalism then you should never miss this. People who are fed up with routine Bollywood masala entertainers then this flick can be a visual treat to you.

Many may disagree with me but this is a great tribute to our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. A must watch for his followers. You may like him or hate him but watching this film will not disappoint you and sure it tempts you to think about the politics of those period. Do't miss this flick. I strongly recommend it.

Verdict : ****
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez Chowdhary

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