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'Dhoom 3' - 'Perfectionist Aamir Khan's Spectacular Action Thriller'

Parvez Chowdhary             ****
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  'Dhoom 3' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Aamir Khan, the perfectionist, an intelligent actor, multi talented, highly creative, these are all routine adjectives broadly used by film fraternity for him but beyond this there is a stunning truth which we can never ignore is he is the real superstar at box-office who can mesmerize equally at multiplex and interior single screens. It is undoubtedly magnificent achievement at any standards that maintaining such immense craze among both educated elites as well as masses from urban and rural.

Things are quite different with this cop-thief chasing flick as Dhoom trilogy has already gained certain reputation among youth. It is inevitable to maintain it and obviously when Aamir is at helm of the affairs expectation can reach beyond limits. Big banner, costliest budget and Aamir then what is the saturation point for Box-office? I do't know about the marketing strategy of Yash Raj films but Aamir never let us down. Never. That is why he is perfectionist. This is out and out double dhamaka of Aamir. Even after you leave the cinema hall still his face and his magical histrionics will haunt you through out the day. Aamir is ultimate winner.

Vijay Krishna Acharya's story and screnplay is just moderately good but the way he presented on screen is brilliant, outstanding and amazingly spectacular. Sure for a moment we feel whether we are watching some Hollywood flick, you can't even blink your eyes for a moment. Action, thrills, chasings, beautiful New York locations and the pace of the film will stop your breath. Over all it is spellbound and magical. We Indians should feel proud that our film making can undoubtedly match to International standards.

Most important discovery in this film is Katrina Kaif in sizzling athletic avatar never seen before. She is perfect match to Aamir's standard. The problem with Aamir is when he is on screen others will naturally lose their presence but Katrina is electrifying and challenging. Sudeep Chatterjee's cinematography did wonders. His camera angles and colourful presentation transformed it into a visual extravaganza.

The fundamental difference between previous Dhoom series and this is justification of Villain's role. In the past they rob and no justification and they are baddies but in this flick this thief has certain valid reason to do so and consequently makes it positive character. Briefly about story Jackie Shroff is owner of Great Indian Circus in New York who has lovely kid Sahir(Aamir), very talented magician as well as circus guy. Jackie owes money to Chicago Bank. Bankers are very cruel to him and forcefully locks the circus company which leads Jackie to end his life. His death touches emotionally to Sahir and makes him to become more strong and takes the revenge. Now Sahir's only life target is to destroy the bank.

He starts robbing it's every branch. Meanwhile top Indian Cop Abhishek Bachhan and his assistant Uday Chopra will be asked to help bankers and American police to nab the robber. Meanwhile Katrina Kaif whose ambition to become a great circus woman and joins his Aamir's circus company. How Abhishek nabs him and how Aamir takes his revenge is rest of the film which we have to see on screen.

Pritam's music numbers are already chart busters. Julius Packiam's background score works really as oxygen to enhance the thrilling effect to every scene. Art direction, locations, stunts are truly spectacular. Director excelled in his every department. There are not many flaws to point out. Abhishek and Uday gave good support. Ultimately it is out and out Aamir Khan. His brilliant and superlative performance takes this film to a different zone. It is best in Dhoom triology.

 I strictly recommend this flick. It is fine entertainer and it redefines Indian cinema globally. A perfect action thriller. Do't miss this visual treat.

Verdict : ****
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez Chowdhary

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