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'Besharam' - 'It Is An Insult To Bollywood Formula Films '

Parvez Chowdhary             *1/2
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  'Besharam' - Movie Review by
            -- Parvez Chowdhary

Ranbir Kapoor says in one scene that "Chulbul naam rakhlene se koyi Dabangg nahi banega". Perhaps this goes so well with him regarding this film.Just because Dabang director makes a commercial masala film with Ranbir obviously he can't become Superstar Salman Khan.That is the power of Salman. Senseless, mindless and illogical film just with his funny body language and exemplary screen presence, he does make it look a nice masala entertainer. Ranbir Kapoor is a highly talented actor among new generation but this is absolutely not his type of film.

Director Abhinav Kashyap after having stupendous hit like "Dabangg" he came out with this masala flick with Ranbir Kapoor who has back to back hits and his both previous films collected more than 100 crores at Box-Office. Director miserably failed to re-create that magic and presented a very predictable, dragging, of course tested the patience of poor innocent audience.

Basic story line itself is very weak and the over the top presentation of the director irritates us with Ranbir's costumes, wonder why the hell, a car mechanic wears 90's costumes which resembles more of Govinda and Mithun Chakravarthy. Rishi Kapoor's toilet scenes, Ranbir's butt cleavage can't tickle our bones. Sometimes you feel like watching some bad remake of South Indian film.

Let us get into story. Babli (Ranbir Kapoor) and friend Teetu (Amitosh Nagpal) are mechanics who double up as car thieves. They also have a propensity for comparing cars with women, reminding one of that “dented-painted women” comment that riled the country last year. Babli and Teetu are typical filmy orphans who steal cars to look after his orphanage.

Tara (Pallavi Sharda), the woman our hero has fallen for (naturally at first sight; there's no other way in commercial Bollywood). He pursues her, she rejects his advances. Accidentally Babli steals Tara's car later realize it is her car and he confesses her about it and both will go to Chandigarh where same car was sold to Hawala King Bhim Singh(Javed Jaffrey).

In between Tara realizes Babli's golden heart and falls in love with him(typical Bollywood na?). Oh forgot to tell cop couple Chulbul Chautala(Rishi Kapoor) and Bulbul Chautala(Neetu Singh) entire episode is forcefully in-corporated in this script. At last Tara gets her car and Babli.

As far as performances are concerned Ranbir Kapoor is spontaneous and electrifying. No doubt he excelled in his performance but that is not sufficient here. You need some good script to sit and watch the film. Pallavi Sharda is cute and good looking but there is zero chemistry between him and Ranbir. It is truly missed opportunity to this poor NRI girl.

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh got sizzling chemistry for their small cameos but they can't save this sinking ship. Talened Javed jaffrey looked fit and perfect but he has nothing to show his talent in this poorly written role.

Music of Lalit Pandit has nothing new tunes and routine numbers will not help this romantic comedy. Technically Camera of Madhu Vannier is Ok.

Over all it is a bad written and badly presented typical bollywood masala film. This flick neither appeals to Multiplex audience nor single theaters. Ultimately a wasted effort and brutally misused highly talented Ranbir kapoor with total Besharam.

Verdict : *1/2
parvez-chowdhary   Parvez Chowdhary

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