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Amitabh poses with Southern stars Vikram, Nagarjuna, Shiva
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It's not everyday that you see Bollywood's biggest superstar Amitabh Bachchan in one frame with the biggest names of Southern film industry. The actor recently flew down to South to shoot for a brand endorsement with Southern stars like Vikram, Prabhu, Shiva, Nagarjuna and Manju Warrior.

He posted a picture of him along with the Southern stars clad in the traditional ivory and gold mundu.

He also posted on his Facebook account, "And today with the greats of Southern India .. all of them sons of The Greats in the early years of my career ..
Prabhu - son of the great Shivaji Ganesan from Tamil cinema.

Vikram, Prabhu's son
Shiva, the son of the great Rajkumar from Karnataka cinema.

Nagarjun, son the great Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, of Telugu cinema.

and Manju Warrior, the darling of Malayalam cinema ..
What a privilege for me to be in the same frame .. a legacy of the past in my present today .. honoured and humbled by the respect they all give me."

The actor shared more pictures on his blog and wrote, "There is a certain respect and cultural heritage in them all. The Industry itself has been one that has functioned with utmost professionalism and discipline. Their modes of management, and the contents of their creativity have always been ahead of the Industry in Mumbai. Though now the gap is slowly getting closed and the content and ethics of the two Industries has been on par almost. Regional cinema has elevated the local talents to immense heights and needs to be lauded for its enterprising efforts."

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